Collective intelligence at the service of your propositions

You want to initiate some transformation projects? With the aid of’s co-construction platform Dialogue, share your project ideas with your fellow citizens or stakeholders (colleagues, clients, partners...) and gather their reactions and suggestions to make them more concrete and realisable. Alone you go faster, together you go further.
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Why use’s Dialogue platform?

**You are an institution** seeking to construct projects with citizens, associations or experts in a problem field.

You are a company seeking to co-construct major transformation actions with your employees, clients, beneficiaries or partners or with citizens...

The Dialogue platform enables exchanges with all your circles to co-construct your future actions.

Submit your projects to a maximum number of people

By sharing your projects with your fellow citizens or your circles, you include them in your transformation projects from a very early stage and improve their understanding of and adhesion to your initiative. You thus allow everyone to be informed, to express themselves and to co-construct projects that will make an impact thanks to collective intelligence.

Develop your projects

Citizens and/or your stakeholders comment on, give their opinions on, finely tune and challenge the projects. By multiplying the viewpoints, you bring out the best paths towards solutions for the implementation of the project. The amusing and easy-to-use interface allows you to maximize the number of reactions and comments.

Explain your motives and objectives

The Dialogue platform allows you to put a knowledge base regarding the initiative and projects on line. This way, the participants can have easy access to all the vital information and participate in an informed manner.

Obtain the results and take action!

On termination of the procedure, our team gives you access to the overview of the online co-construction. Our analytical and algorithmic methods guarantee results that will be easy to translate into action, enabling you to understand your audience and be ready to launch projects that will count for the citizens and/or your stakeholders, as well as for you!

Functionalities conceived for involvement

Fast reactions
Thanks to our reactions system, you very simply gain a feeling for the position of your fellow citizens, teams, clients, partners... on various aspects of your projects.
Detailed comments
Your most committed users can leave comments to set out their points of view and put you on the right track.
Project authors recognized
People who have participated in the development of a project and their expertise are indicated on each project sheet.
And in addition...

Modular project sheets: you determine their structure in the course of your concertation.

Human moderation for content of quality

The possibility for your users of registering to follow the project or take part in workshops organized in connection with your concertation.


Since 2016, has been creating innovative solutions to promote participative democracy.

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